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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 5, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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august 5. it is 6:00. glad you are joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. let's begin with meteorologist adam caskey. the temperatures continued to rise. >> high temperatures in mid 90's with high humidity. that will make it feel like 102. that's why there's a heat advisory at 11:00 a.m. when you have this atmosphere this time of year, it becomes unstable. with a cold front moving in later today, conditions are ripe for thunderstorms. pretty good chance of severe thunderstorms this afternoon. 75 writer alan washington, 73 in huntingtown, 68 in warrenton. thunderstorms could start to develop out west over the mountains around lunchtime. then they will move east into the mid afternoon and early evening. southwest winds and 5-15. now to lisa baden. southbound on the george washington parkway, south of the
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memorial bridge, creeping along. there could be something broken on the roadway. we have called park police and they're sending a unit. if you are getting ready to take the george washington parkway toward reagan national, give yourself extra time. something reported in the memorial bridge and the airports southbound. if northbound coming out of old town to get to the airport and beyond, that seems to be in good shape. let's take you to a maryland camera, southbound 270, a brief delay at 109. back to you. >> thank you. the dog days of summer, and other heat advisories in effect later today. another chance of stormy weather. the dangerous combination has some parts of the region on edge. especially the week after the massive power problems. suzanne kennedy is live in bethesda with how people are preparing for the worst again. >> good morning.
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perhaps the last thing people in montgomery county want to hear is that we may have severe weather going to our area later this afternoon. a heat index over 100 degrees today and the possibility of storms. it will look a lot like last month. extreme heat is making a comeback. the risk of possible thunderstorms and once again, power outages. >> i don't think i can deal with that. >> johnny gutierrez went without power or four days after the last storm. the and his family survived the sweltering temperatures but they are still a little weary. >> it was a very welcome relief when at almost midnight on wednesday night when the power came back on. >> 200,000 people in montgomery county will without power at the height of the storm. this rockville neighbourhood was among the hardest-hit.
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>> we would about 36 hours. our neighbor was out six hours. the house across the street was out two days. >> residents are prepared for this next round of extreme weather. >> tonight i will say a prayer tfor the port tuesday on -- power to stay on. >> suzanne kennedy reporting. >> the heat has been making life miserable across the south. at least 12 deaths are blamed on the record-breaking heat which is expected to stick around well into next week. funeral plans are set for the nun killed sunday by alleged drunken driver. sister denise mosier was riding in a car in bristol, va. when a car driven by carlos montano streicher. he is an illegal immigrant.
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there's going to be a wake tonight at 7 at the benedictine monastery in bristow on linton hall road. the funeral mass at 11:00 tomorrow morning. the senate will vote on elena kagan denomination to be the next supreme court justice. it is highly likely she will be confirmed even though republicans object to a lack of judicial experience. if she could be sworn in by the end of the week, if approved. gay marriage opponents say they will appeal a federal judge's ruling overturning california owes the ban on gay marriage. there restorations on the streets of california after the judge's decision was announced. same-sex couples cannot get married yet. the judge has not decided whether he wants gay marriages to resume during the appeals process. the case could go all the way to the supreme court. the senate is expected to approve a bill that would help save the jobs of thousands of teachers and other public employees. democrats were able to overcome
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republican filibuster on the $26 billion bill. it would help states ease their budget problems and stop 300,000 public workers from being laid off. the house is being called back into session to vote on the bill. the washington teachers union is accusing d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee of inflating some numbers. last month she said she had fired 241 teachers, including 165 who received that evaluations under tough new assessment system. "the washington post" reveals only 76 of the teachers received porr evaluations-- poor evaluations. in the gulf of mexico they have permanently plug the oil well, but bp is taking more precautions to make sure it is capped for good.
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kathy parcher has details. >> it took 2,300 barrels a month to stop the oil leak. engineers today will use a meant as a backup before getting the relief well in place. bp deems the static kill a success yesterday after 107 days and 200 million gallons of oil later. the national incident commander thad allen says the recovery phase is far from over. the broken oil well jammed with mud will get another fix today and a column of cement two football fields long will be poured on top of the mud to make sure the oil well remains capped. bp says the first relief well could be completed in two weeks. scientists say three-quarters of the oil evaporated, dispersed oil is in the water as well, leaving about 25% of the oil
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still unaccounted for. local fishermen are still trying to survive toward the end of this hurricane season. mr. obama will visit a ford plant in chicago that will soon begin producing a new fuel- efficient suv. last week the president visited chrysler and gm plants near detroit. ford was the only major u.s. auto maker not to take a government bailout. a savage attack on a local intern, the aftermath caught on tape. we will hear from the good samaritans first on the scene. we will show you pictures from the second wave of the solar tsunami. it is muggy this morning and there's a chance of rain. back with a
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>>captioned by the national captioning institute > good thursday morning, 6:10 a.m. right now. live in arlington, a considerable cloud cover. for partly cloudy conditions to start the day with a few sprinkles farther to the west of the metro area. looking at live triple doppler 7, in west virginia there are some sprinkles and in winchester and a little sprinkle moving off to the east. martinsburg and hagerstown and winchester will have a few raindrops. otherwise, more numerous showers and thunderstorms especially dismal day through the afternoon.
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pretty good chance of those becoming severely on today. highs of 95 this afternoon with the heat advisories taking effect at 11:00 a.m. because it will feel like over 100. tomorrow, low 90's, saturday will be perfect with mid to upper 80's and low humidity. there has been an accident southbound on the george washington parkway after the memorial bridge in the left lane being closed. for a motorcycle and pickup truck collided with one another. there is an ambulance and the park police officer. southbound traffic on the george washington parkway is crazy. now to newschopper 7 flying over traffic on the beltway at georgia ave. it is beautiful. no major delays or problems on the beltway between the wilson bridge and the american legion bridge. back to you. >> thank you. two minor solar storms that
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flared on sunday are shooting electrified gas directly towards the earth. look at these images. nasa has been tracking this solar tsunami. it resulted in a colorful light show that was seen tuesday in the northern u.s. and canada. experts feared there could be disruptions to satellites and parts or grids, but those problems have not materialized. we could not see any of it around here. >> it is a shame. amazing how colorful the sky is there. 73 degrees outside on this thursday morning. >> still ahead, the nation's richest men will make a major donation to charity. we will tell you how much. i was not thinking of my safety but making sure the individual did not to get away. >> we are hearing some good samaritans who stopped a woman from ambushing a local intern brutally. and
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what's your story? citi can help you write it. in our top stories, bp is taking another step jpra melecio the oil well. it has received permission to pump cement on top of the mud in the oil well to seal it. if the government has told bp to continue relief well's aimed at creating an even deeper plug. a federal judge overturned california's ban on gay marriage. the judge said the measure violated the civil rights of gays. civil rights opponents say the cable file appeal. former new york city mayor rudolph giuliani's darth faces petty larceny after being arrested for shoplifting. police said the 20-year-old caroline giuliani was seen on surveillance video taking make
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up from a store in manhattan. an npr intern is hospitalized this morning after getting stabbed on the way to work. this happened wednesday and outside the radio station in their chinatown office. this morning we are hearing from a second good samaritan who helped to subdue the female suspect. now the story. >> police are trying to figure a aliquot 24-year-old melodie brevard was thinking when she walked up to college students and journalists and intern annie ropeick during morning rush hour and stabbed her repeatedly. witness k.l. swann says it was as if the woman was in a hypnotic trance. >> she threw the knife beside her, just staring at me, she never said anything. i knew that i had to be fast. i grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the ground. >> he saw the incident when he was just getting donuts. he has scratches and cuts.
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those involved in not believe what they walked into. >> i was not thinking of my safety but making sure the individual did not get away. >> the female assailant stabbed her in the neck when she was walking on a busy street in chinatown. police believe it was a random attack. >> all i could think was who does that in broad daylight at 9:00 in the morning. >> investigators will examine the shooting of a dog at an anne arundel county dawa part. an off-duty federal officer brought his dog to the quail run dog park and the dog started to fight with another dog, the officer pulled out his gun and shot bear. the officer told police that he thought the dog would turn on him and his wife. the investigation was reopened after considerable public outcry. chalan 911 calls after the shooting at a connecticut beer
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distributor. one of the wounded people calling for help. >> fees one agley right now! he is still shooting -- he is running away right now! he is still running after people. he is not leaving. >> 34-year-old omar thornton was forced to resign after company found in stealing beer. he killed several, and wounded others, and then killed himself. charities worldwide are in store for a major donations. vinita nair has that story and more. >> we begin with help on the way to states needing cash. the u.s. senate passed the $26 billion emergency spending bill yesterday. republicans largely opposed it because of budget deficit concerns. the house is expected to pass the bill shortly so the
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president can sign it. it will help keep tens of thousands of teachers and other employees on payrolls. there is positive employment news. a trade group is reporting job growth in the economy service sector in july. the institute for supply management said it is the seventh straight month of growth. that means employers like costco, jobs, and airlines have been adding jobs all year. the monthly employment report for the federal government comes out tomorrow. toyota made a $2.2 billion profit from april through june. the profits indicate the company is counting back from a public relations beating it took during its recent recalls and questions about vehicle safety. if you were taking a trip to chicago, the tax man is going with you. the three-day business visit to chicago costs $101 in state and local taxes. that is the most of any major u.s. city. a similar three-day business trip to portland, oregon would
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cost $52 in taxes. some of the richest people in the world are ready to give away money. 40 billionaires' are following the call from bill gates and warren buffett, pledging to give the majority of their wealth to charity. they came up with that idea by discussing how the recession has brought down charity donations in the last two years. coming up on good morning america, linseed oil could be very dangerous if you are using it for home improvements. stay with us for safety tips. i am vinita nair. we are going to start with adam caskey. the big story seems to be how hot it's going to be and whether thunderstorms are possible. >> very likely we will see scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. there could be a few even around lunchtime. in west virginia and maryland and pushing east. >> if everything is set up for it to happen. >> it is. it is hot and humid and there is
6:20 am
an unstable air mass that will be triggered by the cold front later on today. we have a few light sprinkles out there right now. in frederick county and around winchester. in winchester you'll see a few droplets this morning pushing off to the east. that should clear up front royal as well. let's look at the weather but network. uc considerable cloud cover over the chesapeake bay. we have affirmative cloud cover locally with a few peaks of sunshine to start the day. 75 at reagan national with the dew point of 66. in potomac it is 70. 72 in quantico, 73 in culpeper, silver spring, 74. dew points are up there. there's high humidity. that will change tomorrow afternoon. the cold front that moves in today, it will have drier air slowly filtering in throughout the day tomorrow. the heat advisories takes effect at 11:00 a.m. today for
6:21 am
locations east of the blue ridge, until 18:00 p.m. tonight. your temperatures topping out in the mid-90s. scattered temperatureclubs, becs humid tomorrow. ties in the low 90's. a lot of sunshine with low humidity on saturday and sunday, upper 80's. next week will be hot again. i have been putting my dog on the treadmill because i cannot let him outside. there's an accident southbound george washington parkway on the shoulder s as the memorial bridge -- after the memorial bridge. traffic on the beltway at 270 on the screen there. we will take you to --maybe not. there we go. there we are.
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270 traffic at the beltway looks good. back to you. >> thank you. do you really put your dog on the treadmill? >> i do. he's a great dog. >> you need to take a picture for us. >> i will. >> it is just about 6:22 on this thursday morning. it is outside a bit warm already, 73. >> a miracle in the making, a woman who cheated death to give birth. >> today at 4:00 on "oprah," what is behind the doors of a hoarder?
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we have an update on a story we reported earlier about what some people are calling a miracle birth. >> 23-year-old looking under nelson is less than 3 feet tall. she has a disease that caused her bones to break at the slightest touch. -- lakendra nelson, she gave birth to a daughter, but the child does not carry the brittle bone gene. >> she will have a normal life. >> she has nicknamed her daughter miracle. the baby could not breathe on her own at first. now she's two months old and
6:26 am
weighs 5 pounds and two ounces. >> sweet little baby. >> 73 degrees outside. another half hour of "good morning washington" still. >> everybody seems to be talking about the real housewives taking over d.c. and the controversial couple is building more buzz. >> bp and federal officials are not setting the gulf is all of the clear yet. i will tell you what the plan is for today. >> we are tracking a cold front that is pushing our lead. that will draw up the heat and that is pushing our lead. that will draw up the heat and humidity, but could
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we weathered the last one and we are ready for a little respite. >> straight ahead, a weary from
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the weather. the relief could be short-lived. welcome back, everybody. good morning, washington. it's thursday, august 5, i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. adam caskey has a check on the forecast. it is a hot one. >> the cold front is far off to the west. they cause thunderstorms. we have had our fair share lately. we hope there's no damage with this one. unfortunately, looks like there's a good chance of severe thunderstorms later this afternoon into the evening. if it is 71 in potomac, 72 in quantico. there's a little sprinkle in the panhandle of west virginia and approaching winchester. 95 is the high temperature this afternoon. storms should be developing
6:31 am
around or after lunch time out west and will be eased through the afternoon and early evening. most likely a line of storms. there is a heat advisory this afternoon as the index will be over 100. cooling off the next few days. there is an accident driving out of cheverly going into northeast d.c. at new york avenue in the exit lane toward south dakota avenue. vdot had that under control. there was a crash of the george washington parkway south bound at the memorial bridge, but it was moved to the shoulder. no problems in virginia. but there's volume, left side of the screen out of springfield to the beltway. our top story is the weather. we are bracing for another heat advisory and this afternoon another chance of strong storms. for people pounded by the last round of severe weather, many are saying enough is enough.
6:32 am
suzanne kennedy is live in bethesda with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. we are starting to see the sun come up in bethesda. over the last hour we have seen it get a little warmer and more humid. if that is what we can expect throughout the day as the extreme heat rolls into our area. much like we saw last month. but each index is expected to top 100 degrees today. if that happens, there's a possibility of strong storms. they could roll in and later this afternoon. the concern for many is whether the storms could cause more power outages. at the height of last week's scenario, we had 200,000 people in montgomery county without power. some were out for much of the week. some as late as friday. people are hoping that it will not be a repeat of last week. they want to get to this day without any event. suzanne kennedy reporting.
6:33 am
>> thank you. the nun killed sunday by an alleged drunken driver will be laid to rest tomorrow. brian murphy was isister denises struck by a vehicle driven by carlos montano. tonight at 7:00 is the wake in the benedictine monastery. charges were dropped yesterday against the suspect in the deaths of two girls. in june dna evidence link former marine jorge torrez to the crimes. he's being held in arlington on charges of abduction and rape. looking at the david, the senate is scheduled to vote on elena kagan's nomination to be the next supreme court justice. she is expected to be confirmed
6:34 am
even though republicans object to her lack of judicial experience. if she is approved, she could be sworn in by the end of this week. gay marriage opponents say they will appeal a federal judge's ruling overturning california's ban on gay marriage. there were celebrations on the streets of california after the judge's decision. the judge said it violates the civil rights of gays and lesbians. they cannot get married yet because the judge has not decided whether marriages should be allowed during the appeals process. a conservative advocacy group is suing to block a planned islamic center and mosque near ground zero. the american center for law and justice challenging a decision by new york city landmarks preservation commission to tear down the building to make way for the project. city lawyers say they are confident the panel followed appropriate procedures. turney to maryland, sarah palin is weighing in on the governor's race. the former vice presidential candidate says that she is
6:35 am
endorsing brian murphy. she says that he is a common- sense conservative with private- sector experience needed in government. he will likely fac the senato approve a bill that would help save the jobs of thousands of teachers and other public servants. senate democrats were able to overcome a republican filibuster on the $26 billion bill. it would help states to ease their budget problems and stop the layoffs of more than 300,000 public workers. the house is being called back into session to vote on that bill. 3 and a half months after the deadly oil rig explosion that sent oil spewing into the gulf of mexico, the oil leak is finally plugged. today bp will start the next step in keeping it that way. cement the damage to oil well and then complete the relief well. kathy park is live in the newsroom with more.
6:36 am
>> good morning. it took 2,300 barrels of mud to stop the oil leak. today engineers will use cement as another backup before getting the relief well in place. bp deemed the static kill a success after 107 days and more than 200 million gallons of oil later. that's a reason to celebrate, but white house officials say the work is not over. >> it is the beginning of the end of the sealing and containment phase of this operation. >> today the broken oil well will get another fix. >> we want to make sure it is permanently sealed with cement. >> engineers will pour cement nearly two football fields long into the tool on top of the oil well. three-quarters of the oil has evaporated, dispersed, or been removed from the water. environmental impact still
6:37 am
continues. >> even 26% of the oil that was released would be the equivalent of four exxon valdez oil spills. there is still work to be done. >> scientists say that the remaining oil, now mostly below the surface, continues to be a threat to see life and marshes. -- sewa life. -- sea life. local businesses are still trying to clean up the marshes and salvage the rest of the summer season. still ahead, they are back, house party crashers. they are ready for another close-up. just-in-time for their debut, they are stirring up some headlines. we will have a live report. it will be a good weekend to go shopping in one particular part of the region. we will tell you where and why,
6:38 am
coming up. >> first, another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes on this early thursday morning. we will be right back.
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i am the education specialist at meadowlark botanical center outside vienna, va., 94 acres of flowers, trees,
6:41 am
and trails. come join us. good morning, washington. 6:41 on this thursday morning. good morning. it is muggy this morning, it will be hot and uncomfortable this afternoon. a heat advisory kicks in at 11:00 a.m. and will feel like over 100. if we are in the '70s right now with our the cloud conditions. in the metro area there are clouds mixed in thin. there are showers moving through the panhandle of west virginia. most of frederick county and movin -- western frederick county maryland and western frofrederick county marylavirgi.
6:42 am
watch for the chance of wind damage today. later on behind the cold front will have a lot of sunshine. it will come less humid with highs in the low 90s. if it will improve a lot this weekend. let's go back to lisa baden. looks ok on 66, 95, 395. normal volume right now on 66 in centreville and 50 fair oaks. 95 before and after the occoquan. if looking at the beltway now. in tysons. between 123 and arlington boulevard, things are in good shape. this is close to 66 on 495. we will look at the beltway at new hampshire avenue next. on the outer loop between hampshire avenue and university blvd., a dump truck is stopped on the roadway. if traffic is stopping behind it. back to you. >> thank you. virginia's back-to-school
6:43 am
tax-free shopping weekend begins tomorrow. clothing costing $100 or less and school supplies under $20 are exempt from the virginia sales tax. it runs through sunday. >> that's a good deal. it's funny to talk about back- to-school already. >> you and i don't have to worry. >> we don't. 6:43 on this thursday morning, 74 degrees.
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in our top stories, if this evening there will be reviewing for prince william county nun who died in a car crash. 66-year old sister denise mosier was killed when she was
6:46 am
hit by a car driven by an alleged drug driver. 23-year-old carlos montano has been charged in connection with her death. he said to be an illegal immigrant. the blown out well at the bottom of the gulf of mexico is permanently sealed. bp has received permission to talk cement into the oil well on top of that mud. even with that, the government wants it to continue with relief wells. supermodel naomi campbell has testified at the war crimes trial of ruler charles taylor. she received a gift of a dirty looking stone after attending a dinner with him, but stopped short of saying they were diamonds. tonight the real housewives of d.c. make their debut. in center stage is tareq and michaele salahi, better known as the writer as party crashers. courtney robinson is live in a
6:47 am
newsroom with how to vittoria's couple is building was before the show even starts. -- the notorious couple. >> the show is about drama. but yesterday michaele salahi and four other cast members of "the real cause lives close -- the real housewives" on "the view." whoopi goldberg's touched the woman's back and ask her to talk about the white house state dinner. according to reports, she claimed will be kohlberg assaulted her. whoopi goldberg confronted her backstage after the show. this couple has already had their share of the limelight. the visually disease and we will see a somewhat behind the scenes look the night of the white
6:48 am
house state dinner. we know that she plans to auction off the dress that she wore in conjunction with the airing of the episode. the dress will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to charity. tonight michaele salahi and four other women of the show will be at the premiere party at 9:00 tonight at the madison hotel. you have to have an invitation to get in. >> you could bring scott thuman as your date. >> he's a big fan of the show. >> i watch every episode. >> recording those on the dvr. >> thank you. we have the results of a straw poll in ward 4. council chairman vincent gray beat incumbent mayor adrian fenty. 581 people chose him.
6:49 am
401 shows adrian fenty. the results are devastating to adrian fenty because that is his home base. gay marriage supporters get a big boost from a gop appointed judge. >> what wednesday's closing ruling meant. seems the battle lines have already been drawn. >> the significance is the timing. they are going to appeal and is going to be a lot of stuff that happens. politically, we are only a few months out. gay marriage was a big issue in 2006 and 2008. something could be tilted. the governor's race and the senate race will be tight. republicans will have a big advantage. a lot of times when you lose a court, it is an been politically -- it is a win
6:50 am
politically. they have to defend all these complex things like health-care, taxes, they don't want to get into a social war right now. the tea party activists have not shown an inclination to do this kind of thing, but they could get fired up. >> no politician will go without having to answer how they feel about this. >> of course. this is a tricky issue for obama as well. someone opposed proposition 8. it is tough terrain especially for democrats. >> the judge was appointed by republican. >> appointed by reagan. they will have to look at california having a very aggressive proposition with people voting on almost anything
6:51 am
in the state. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> are we going to have a few storms today? >> it will be protected around and a little after lunch time and later on this afternoon a line of storms could potentially be severe with damaging winds. a few sprinkles outside right now. one of them edging into the city of frederick and could be southwestern frederick county in maryland and moving through frederick county, virginia. in charles town as well getting some sprinkles. temperatures in the '70s. this picture was sent to us 15 minutes ago on the east side of the rain showers in maryland in keedysville, it is tough to pick out the
6:52 am
second rainbow. it is 70 in fairfax, 72 in hagerstown currently. it will get hot and humid today, mid 90's. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like over 100. we have a heat advisories that will start at 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. that is for locations east of the blue ridge. the cold front will move in to give as release from heat and humidity, but ahead of the front we are expecting scattered showers and thunderstorms. for as early as lunchtime farther west of the metro area. then locally after lunch time into about the drive call later this afternoon with high temperatures in the mid-90s. if we could just get through the storms later on today behind the cold front it will be fantastic, becoming less humid tomorrow, low 90s. much better on saturday, mid to upper 90s, clear and comfortable. a roundabout way at new hampshire avenue there is a dump truck that's blocking one lane. -- on the beltway.
6:53 am
in springfield, va., they call this the mixing bow for a reason. 395 delays up to edsall road and seminary road. looks good to the pentagon. back with more in a moment
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6:55 am
good morning.
6:56 am
a federal judge ruled the california gay marriage ban is unconstitutional. the heated battle almost certainly headed to the supreme court. also, did lead, temperatures soaring across the country, when will there be released? also, we welcome a new gma contributor, eric andrews, fighting for tougher stalking laws. all coming up on "good morning america" next. a last look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we go to lisa baden. >> no major accidents or delays. 66, 95, 395, normal. that is the scenario for the 270 drivers. broken-down vehicles is gone from the outer loop at new hampshire ave. >> the cold front is triggering a line of thunderstorms, some could be severe. we will watch out for that. there's a chance of power outages later today.
6:57 am
mid 90's, hot and humid, but cooler tomorrow, mid to upper 80's on saturday. >> we look forward to that. that does it f droiiiid.
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